The main activities of the company are projects for implementation on “turnkey” of the latest technical security systems and life support systems for transport companies of any scale; and also systems of safety confidential and personal data from various external and internal threats by using automated systems for electronic sale and control of travel documents in public transport.

Company activity is to provide support for our clients in:

  • providing passenger safety,
  • increasing level of funds collection for services in public transport,
  • increasing road safety with the help high-quality transport decisions, based on video surveillance and recognition of registration plates of transport vehicles,
  • creating favorable conditions for passengers by providing them with quality and timely information services.

As we see our aim, first of all is to offer our clients system solutions to ensure effective competitive business, giving real growth profits and the future development of their businesses basing on high scientific and technical potential, best practices of leading international companies using the latest achievements of electronics, information technologies.