Recognition of number plates can be used for:

  • Managing of public and another transport of enterprise;
  • protection of parking and office territories;
  • increasing safety of paid parking;
  • automation of enterprise business processes;
  • control of road and transport situation;
  • Broaden options for existing security system.

For example, in the management of public and other transport recognized numbers will help to control:

  • Timely arrival of transport in controlled point,
  • Duration of transport stay in controlled area,
  • Registration of all vehicles in controlled area,
  • operational tasks to stop vehicles with the use of automation,

and also:

  • eliminates the need to use a label or pass for cars identification, or provide additional verification of vehicles by registration number;
  • increase safety of office territory, preventing entry of foreign cars;
  • simplify vehicles registration passing through control points of terminals (for example, auto weights) and will automate the filling of accompanying documents.

Numbers recognition on parking and protected areas, territories of transport enterprises:

  • will prevent unauthorized entry of foreign cars and vehicles that do not have right to leave territory;
  • will simplify procedure of passing gate check for registered vehicles and will help to differentiate areas and time of access;
  • will provide full accounting of vehicles on the territory and will keep history of cars passing to resolve disputes;
  • will allow security staff to look through information about when and who was present on the territory and will provide convenient tools for drawing up and printing of various reports. Integration of recognition of state registration plates system with complex of monitoring of transport situation will allow municipal authorities and services to ensure road safety :
  • will automate preparation of receipts for fines payment, using recognized number of offending car to determine owners personal data and vehicle category;
  • will ensure high percent of vehicles identification not registered in prescribed manner (including those with fake number plates, unpaid fines), not pass state technical inspection or wanted.