Installation of security video system is necessary not only for passengers control, route workload and offenders identification. Video cameras allow estimating conductors and supervisors who are on route. Drivers also will be estimated by dispatcher, he will be able to analyze their skill level, enforcement of traffic rules and correct behavior with respect to passengers.

Specialized video systems for vehicles is used to equip buses with CCTV system, allowing you to record events in bus, in landing zone and landing passengers and carriageway exchange chamber. System monitors the traveled route, time and speed of the bus bound to the map and time using the integrated GPS-module.

Equipment for video recording has good protection against dust and resistant to shaking and vibration. Depending on the model of bus, install one, two or more cameras. Provides a visual overview of the front of the bus, driver on the bus and inside the cabin.

Video surveillance systems are an excellent example of how to use a relatively small cost improves control of vehicle, driver and passengers, risks are reduced, thereby significantly increases level of security.