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Big range of LED passenger information displays of various producers for airports, railway stations, bus terminals is offered. Product line includes both station boards, and platform displays, information screens for waiting rooms.

The combination of the latest achievements of LED technology and communication interfaces allows us to offer "smart" HD display and exceptional reliability, based on use of specialized software. Screens can be easily integrated into any control system of public transport and terminals. Displays can display flight number, platform, route and the point of origin / destination in real time. We can also combine a large set of messages and graphics, including voice messages and detecting vehicles.

Specialized software transmits information for dynamic displays, informing passengers about the time of arrival / departure, delays and other events at bus stops and terminals.

LED passenger information displays are developed according to climatic requirements for application inside and outside. Boards for internal use are designed taking into account smaller need for mechanical protection, have the smaller brightness and wider viewing angle. As a rule, boards for external use have the increased resistance to mechanical damages, increased brightness of burning and a smaller viewing angle.