The most effective way to increase fare collection is advance fare (before boarding the transport) using automated system for electronic fare collection.

System has two principal advantages:

  • Automation of ticket sales and accounting,
  • obtaining detailed data about passengers transportation.

Using of this system reduces number of deadheads but does not completely eliminate possibility of deadheads journey thereby increase fare collection.

Solve problems:

  • Account of benefits by public transport;
  • Financing of transport companies over natural rate of implementation volume of passengers transportation;
  • Increasing of fare collection;
  • Reduction rates of growth of public transport costs.

Using of this system creates conveniences for users (passengers, supervisors, maintenance personal) by providing automation of the manufacturing process tickets, accessibility of their sales and ease of control of their application.

Passengers will have choice to use these or those tickets. Preference is given to using reusable tickets to registered users. Conditions for reduction cases of single tickets using (as most expensive technology in service) and also minimization of ticketless travel cases are created.

This technology represents various set of technical solutions for contactless smart cards and terminals, their application in the field of payment for public transport.

Technology provides:

  • high level of security for all contactless transactions;
  • high level of security for protection financial transactions and personal data of users (passengers, staff);
  • ability to use multiple software applications/ contexts of multi companies;
  • big range of compatible products from different producers that allow to avoid monopoly of suppliers thanks to open competition.

Structure and architecture of system:

  • subsystem of ticket sales;
  • subsystem of tickets control and repayment;
  • subsystem of data collection and transmission;
  • subsystem of security;
  • processing center .

Security areas:

  • security of travel documents and transactions;
  • security of technical solutions;
  • security completions (via validators);
  • security of communication;
  • security of archives;
  • security of identification;
  • security of applications and equipment.

Technical solution is based on application:

  • onboard and desktop contactless validators;
  • portable inspector validators;
  • office equipment for preparation and sale of smart-cards, personalization center ;
  • driver sale terminals;
  • terminals of reseller sales in stalls and points of retail trade ;
  • automatic ticket machines (coins, banknotes, POS for credit / debit cards);
  • contactless smart cards;
  • special software.